Guests attend the Fall Garden Tour
Guests attend the Fall Garden Tour
Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020, in the Rose Garden of
the White House.


Many historic photographs and audio/video materials are already in the public domain and available online. These materials do not require permission and/or licensing for use. Please credit: Courtesy Donald J. Trump Presidential Library.

To Order

  • Gather all available information about the image; and if possible, find the filename. 
  • Provide a specific description of the image, video, or audio clip, including date, location, topic, and if possible, the URL for each web page that contains the requested material.
  • Email this information plus your name, phone number, email, mailing address, as well as format and delivery preferences to
  • Some reproduction fees will apply. Payment may be made by credit card or check made out to “NATF.”
  • Orders may also be placed by phone, fax, or mail.


National Archives and Records Administration
Archival Operations Division - Donald J. Trump Presidential Library
8601 Adelphia RD, Room 1900
College Park, MD 20740